Dave A Dewbre- Over 18 years experience in Network, Telecommunications and Computer Applications
  • 8 years electric vehicle distributor, research, development, specifications, and consultancy.
  • Extensive OEM manufacturing, installation and implementation experience.
  • Technical troubleshooter and resource with on-call, high stress responsibilities.
  • Solar and Electrical Engineer DHW, Heating, Cooling, Photovoltaic/Electric EV charging stations
  • 10 years successful e-Commerce consultant & entrepreneur
  • Over 28 years’ experience in Network, Telecommunications, and Computer Applications
  • Team Leader with extended project management experience in implementation/support.
  • Hardware/software conversion, upgrade and maintenance.
  • Strong troubleshooting experience, and final problem resolution.
  • Broad Internet, Intranet, Web and E-business integration experience.
  • Experienced in project planning, analysis, technical design, and final results.
  • Conducted training programs directed to technical applications and user requirements.
  • Developed communication, organizational and presentation skills.

CEO of Digital Webgroup, Inc., Dave Dewbre with Mayor Bob Walkup of Tucson, Arizona at a Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce special meeting.


Electrical and Solar Engineering of DHW systems, Heating, Cooling, Photovoltaic/Electric EV charging stations.

Specify, Design, R&D, testing and proving of electric controllers, software, motors, batteries, voltage converters, and electric, solar chargers.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Microsoft Windows Vista Professional, Business, Home, Windows Media Center, Windows 2000, XP Pro, XP Home, NT 3.5 - 4.0, Millennium, 98, 95, 3.X, OS/2, UNIX, Novell NetWare, MS-DOS, Windows Terminal Server, Citrix, Linux, and others.

NETWORKING: Data Networks, Network Upgrades, Application Installation/Maintenance. Cisco Routers, Wireless Routers, Verilink CSU/DSU, Bay Ethernet switches. Microsoft NT Server, Windows Terminal Server, Windows Work Stations, Modem Pools and Hubs, CAT5 Cabling and Fiber.

Upgrades and installation of Compaq, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Dell, Micron, Acer and Clone Computers, Servers and Peripherals.

Conversion/Upgrade of major network systems to next levels. Internet and Intranet experience.

SOFTWARE: Oracle, MS-Office 2007 - 97, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Front Page 2000/98, Netscape, TMS, Tracker, ADP, Horizon, CATS, Statman, DATow, Citrix, ACT!2000, Winfax, Norton Anti-Virus, System Works,, HTML, Unix, Lotus Notes, Recover NT 3.5, Partition Magic 5.0, Power Quest, DriveCopy, Extra, Winzip, Call Management and others.

Digital Web Group, Inc. USA/China 2002 to current - CEO, EVC

  • Electric Vehicle Distributor and Consultant, Europe, North America, and Asia with manufacturing in Ningbo, China
  • Research and Development in Tucson, AZ. Waynesburg, PA. Puerto Princesa, PI.
  • Distributing quality, reliable, 4 wheel EV's and high powered Electric Tricycle Taxis, Motorbikes, and Sea Scooters.
Holland Systems, Lansing, MI 1998-2001 -Senior Network Analyst

  • Responsible for installation, maintenance and technical support for www.unitedroad.com, the Wide Area Network (WAN) for Holland Systems at 66 physical locations in the US.
  • Manage all design, configuration, implementation, testing and final sign-off of hardware and software utilized on the Network including enhancements and de-installation of old equipment.
  • Completed site analysis, set-up guidelines, procedures for NT Server/workstation installation.
  • Troubleshooting and technical problem resolution for comprehensive transaction routing system including Server/Workstations, memory management and connectivity for various software and hardware enhancements. Configured & deployed Cisco Wireless router solutions on the WAN.
  • Design/implementation of Y2K strategies for City of Pontiac, MI and Data Acquisition Depts.
  • Insure consistent performance, quality and productivity from Network alignments.

City of Detroit, Detroit, MI 1996-1998 -Senior Network Technician

  • Responsible as a development, implementation and technical resource for the start-up of the Detroit Resource Management System (DRMS) directed to a municipal systems network.
  • Provided project support and determined capabilities/capacity of necessary hardware/software configuration prior to systems start-up.
  • Configure Windows, Novell Netware and NT Servers into system conformance.
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and correction of hardware, software in installation phase.
  • Administer, manage and upgrade Intranet Ware and Servers.
  • Administer, manage several Novell Netware 4.1 and Windows NT 4.0 networks in Detroit.
  • Provide PC/Mac support to 3500 municipal Users including upgrades, troubleshooting, enhancement of software and hardware and management of technicians directed to PC repair assignment.

Jackson National Life Insurance , Lansing, MI 1995-1996 -Senior Network Technician

  • Responsible for maintaining optimum service levels including hardware/software support, installation, troubleshooting, diagnostics and virus control.
  • Participated in design and installation of security systems, implemented remote installations and access security sub-systems.
  • Installation/technical upgrades of CAD engineering workstations and HP plotter systems.
  • Set-up of LANtastic network interfacing to a Novell Network for Employee Travel reservations.
  • Upgrade installation of Windows 95 in 11 regional offices in 10 states.

Spectra Graphics, Inc., Sacramento, CA 1984-1995 -Technical Services Manager

  • Responsible for maintaining optimum technical service levels for internal/external divisions.
  • Configuration, installation and maintenance of PC graphics workstations, multi-media workstations for Broadcast TV, CAD/CAM, Photo Imaging and Desktop Publishing facilities.
  • Developed internal BBS for technical support and training of employees/clients on Internet.
  • Modification and retrofit of Tool Trucks to Mobile PC service/enhancement Units.
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve technical problems as corporate resource.
  • Manage personnel evaluations, costs, budget support, training and action/objectives plans