Dave A Dewbre- Over 18 years experience in Network, Telecommunications and Computer Applications
Dave Dewbre, CEO of Digital Web Group Inc, is a long time and very successful e-commerce entrepreneur. He offers more than decades of accomplishment-laden experience in the networking, telecommunication, computer applications, consultation services and e-business. He is a successful e-commerce entrepreneur for 10 years and now started venturing into different industries.
The Best of Tucson ->Dave Dewbre- CEO of Digital Webgroup, Inc. Dave Dewbre at home with his custom mural by Michele Maggiora.

Beginning his career year 2000 in New Mexico, Dave Dewbre wanted an alternative source of income. He then found eBay and a product line with a good profit margin. Dave Dewbre did a market test and it was successful. He developed an interest in e-business and decided to put up another profit center. Dave published an e-commerce website putting his items for sale. Another success for Dave but his accomplishment did not stop there.

Dave Dewbre’s very good friend and network client, Diana Limjoco Pollard from Northern California, had learned advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web design and was building and publishing a growing new web design business. They have lost contact for over seven (7) years. They had lost touch, however they have started to learn how to use the internet to find people. And through the internet they were able to establish contact and Diana took over as Webmaster / Designer and search engine publicist for SiliconeWorks International.

The Best of Tucson Dave Dewbre with Mayor-Walkup-9-17-03
Dave Dewbre with Mayor Bob Walkup of Tucson, AZ. 2003
One of Diana’s skills is getting her clients placed in search engines and online directories through SEO. Soon enough www.siliconeworks.com had a web presence on the first pages of the top search engines and directories. Dave’s web sites, along with his EBay auctions, managed to provide a very decent living supplemented by his skilled Network Engineering / Installation / Consultation (LAN-WAN) business in New Mexico.

In December of 2002, Dave sent Diana a new product called Nubra. It is a self adhesive, backless, strapless silicon bra. He started marketing it on eBay and wanted her opinion. Diana fell in love with NuBra. Dave promised her that if the product sells, he would give 50% of the profit to Diana. She immediately placed them into Dave’s online retail store and developed a website called NuBra.net dedicated to selling Nubras. At that time, the online stores started selling the NuBra.

Dave Dewbre on his honda shadow.
Dave on his Honda Shadow. He tests the motorcycle speakershis company sells on his own personal bikes.

One evening in early September of 2003, Dave’s phone was flooded with orders for Nubra and Diana’s e-mail box in Arizona was filling up with order confirmations. They were overwhelmed by the orders and even thought that they were under some sort of virus attack. Without their knowledge, at that moment, a television station, Fox TV Channel 11, in Florida had released a story on the Evening News about the NuBra. Almost 700 online orders were placed in just one hour and they have lost count of the phone orders.

Jamie Redford with Dave Dewbre at the Debut of Spin.
Jamie Redford
and Dave Dewbre at Jamie’s Directorial Debut for his movie Spin- at the Loft Theater in Tucson
. 2004

After the success of NuBra, Dave started to venture into other lines of products. Through the years, he was able to put up more websites selling different products. He started marketing water proof motorcycles speakers and electronic powered motorcycles. Dave invested heavily in EVs and particularly in electric motorcycle research and development for over three years. He is aware that the Global energy demand, driven by emerging economies and decreasing petroleum reserves makes it important that we explore alternative transportation now. Electric Vehicles (EVs) will address the basic energy issue and they will help other problems such as air pollution, global warming and rising energy costs as well.

With Dave’s accomplishments, he never forgets his advocacy for environment protection. Thus, ensuring his current and future projects would be environment friendly. Exerting a lot of effort dedicated into creating harmony between advancement of technology and environmentalism. He has always strived to be a responsible entrepreneur and gained integrity and success through his managerial skills and real time experience.

Dave Dewbre taking Alex Limjoco's helicopter to Al Fresco and Solana Beach resorts in Batangas Dave Dewbre -Helicopter courtesy of Asia Aircraft International owned by Alex L Limjoco and sons. Dec. 30, 2005

Upper photo, top right-Pilot Jojo and chopper owner Alex Limjoco, resort slumming! Dave Dewbre and Diana were taken by chopper to Al Fresco and Solana Beach resorts in Batangas to review them for their provincial portal website.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails” – Dave Dewbre, CEO Digital Web Group Inc.