Puerto Princesa, Palawan - August 15th, 2012
Electric Tricycle Taxi R&D is complete. We now have over 10,000 km on proven and reliable motors and controllers. In addition we have over 5000 km on the first prototype. We now produce the world's most powerful, longest range, highest speed, heaviest load carrying, and best hill climbing electric tricycle taxi's in the world! We have many different models and can custom design and manufacture for special projects and requirements.

What makes us unique is:
• We have: Battery capacity to 18 kwh.
• Power from 5,000 to 32,000 watts. We climb hills with a load!
• Hub motor options for zero moving parts (except the bearings) for the lowest possible maintenance.
• Speeds to 100 kmh to keep up with the traffic.
• Option to pull a trailer for more load carrying ability.
• Option for fast battery exchange packs.
• Option for Lithium or lead batteries, conventional 120V or 220V Solar or Wind Charging.

The prototype does not look exactly like the production model but helped us with sizing, safety, and weight testing while proving the motors and controllers in the tropical environment for which they will be used. We have a team of engineers, consultants, and manufacturing partners worldwide that can help with any size project. While we also have over 20 years' experience in China sourcing and manufacturing, we can leverage suppliers and maintain quality control with proven reliable partners.

Eagle electric tricycles - Palawan, Philippines

Puerto Princesa, Palawan - February 26, 2010 - Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines has always been a pioneer in environmental issues. These are the latest electric tricycle prototypes in Puerto Princesa, Palawan developed by Dave Dewbre,EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant) and Willy Dela Cruz of Eagle Motorcycles.

Green Tech EcoCenter in Puerto Princesa has made them available as their exclusive distributors and they are testing the bodies and motors. GT EcoCenter is developing a livelihood project along with Eagle Motorcyclesto assemble them in Puerto Princesa, Palawan to create more jobs as well as preserve the fresh air in the city.

Photos by Voltaire Fernandez Domingo for Images Asia Magazine

Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Philippines enjoyed driving the latest electric tricycles from Eagle Motorcycles and Green Tech EcoCenter.

Eagle electric tricycles and electric motorcycle. Shot at Baywalk, in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Mayor Ed Hagedorn with the latest electric tricycles for Puerto Princesa City

Eagle electric tricycles and electric motorcycle.

Mayor with EVC Dewbre with Diana Limjoco, of Green Tech EcoCenter and her mom, Helen Limjoco.

Mayor Ed Hagedorn with the latest electric tricycles for Puerto Princesa City

Dave Dewbre and E trike and electric motorcycle with Diana Limjoco of Green Tech EcoCenter of Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Promoting Electric Vehicle Projects in the Philippines

Subic Bay, Zambales - September 11, 2009 - Dave Dewbre, EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant) and CEO of Digital Web Group Inc, along with Willy Dela Cruz, CEO of Eagle Motorcycles, announces the upcoming release of electric tricycles in the Philippines. Addressing the need for alternative transportation, driven by emerging economies and decreasing petroleum reserves, Dave Dewbre goes on a joint venture with Eagle Motorcycles to promote electric tricycle projects for Philippines cities. Eagle Motorcycle's electric tricycles and electric motorbikes are nationally accredited by the LTO (Land Transportation Office).

Dave Dewbre, an environment protection advocate, invested heavily in EVs and particularly in electric motorcycle research and development for over four years in order to help problems such as air pollution, global warming and rising energy costs. A lot of technology has been developed and more is underway. All of the final products can easily be upgraded as technology changes. They are also safe, economical and aerodynamic in design.

The company will be opening distribution and retail outlets in all major locations. They will also establish several battery charging stations and provide training for upcoming EV mechanics. This project will not only contribute to environment protection, but will also provide job opportunities for the Filipino community.

About Eagle Motorcycles

Eagle Motorcycles is a retailer and distributor of electric motorcycles, scooters, and motorbikes in Asia and the Philippines. Eagle Electric Motorcycles and the Environment Friendly Stores were established in response to the need of developing a global electric vehicle market. Eagle Motorcycles have assembled a team of industry recognized experts with vast experience in all aspects of Electric Vehicle procurement, development, and deployment.

June 13, 2009 – Mayor Ed Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines wanted to know if our environment friendly 3000 Watt electric motorcycles would pull an old existing Palawan side car. These sidecars are mounted on gas burning motorcycles, thus becoming a tricycle. That same day we designed a mounting system and took it to a local welder who had it ready at 8am the following morning!

The electric powered motorcycles were tested by Mayor Ed Hagedorn together with Dave Dewbre, EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant), and Willy dela Cruz, CEO of Eagle Motorcycles, as part of the electronic vehicle feasibility study for Puerto Princesa’s existing gas fueled tricycle problem. Mayor Ed Hagedorn, known to be an environmentalist, is aware that transportation is vital to the Puerto Princesa’s progress thus seeking different options on how to minimize air pollution without jeopardizing Puerto Princesa’s growth and the livelihood of his people.

Mayor Hagedorn testing 3000 watt Eagle Electric motor bike done by Eagle Motorcycles of Cavite
Mayor Hagedorn testing the retro fitted 3000 watt Eagle Electric motor bike done by Eagle Motorcycles of Cavite.
Mayor Hagedorn, Dave Dewbre, EVC going over the operation of the Electric Tricycle with the operator.
EVC, Dave Dewbre of Eagle Motorcycles and Mayor Hagedorn testing out the new Etrike prototype. June 13, 2009 Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
2009 3KW Eagle Electric Scooter with old and heavy Palawan Side car.

Deputy NSA Luis "Chavit" Singson buys our Eagle electric motorcycle
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, November 11, 2008
Current Deputy National Security Adviser and Former Governor of Ilocos Sur Luis "Chavit" Singson recently went to Subic and became interested in our environment friendly electric motor scooters. He bought one from Dave Dewbre, EVC/CEO Digital Web Group, Inc., and Eagle Motorcycles. NSA Singson says he will use the eco-friendly motor bike at his home in Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Willy dela Cruz, Dave Dewbre and Chavit Singson Deputy NSA Chavit Singson trying out the eco-friendly electric scooter
Dave Dewbre (center) and Deputy NSA Chavit Singson
Deputy NSA Chavit Singson trying out the eco-friendly electric scooter

Go green with us! We now stock Electric Motorcycles, Scooters, Moped’s and More!

DWG Inc. is pleased to celebrate its 2nd year distributing, selling, using and consulting the EV (Electrical Vehicle) industry and consumers about reliable and affordable solutions for intercity, suburban, or close proximity commutes to work or school. For some of our customers an eBike was the only answer to their commuting needs! We provide both small 500 - 750 watt (No license required) electric scooters to the largest 5000 Watt Fast electric sport bikes! All of our vehicles either come with lithium batteries or can be upgraded easily! We stock most parts for all electric motorcycles we sell! Customer service and support is second to none. We even provide free delivery to a nearby terminal or only a $50.00 delivery charge to your door! We not only sell and support the scooters and cycles we stock, we use them, most every day! You can help your wallet or purse as well as the environment and have some fun to!

Go Green Today!

Don’t forget you may be able to get a tax credit back with the purchase of our 3500 Watt or 5000 Watt Electric Motorcycles. The Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 indicates that:

Low-speed, neighborhood vehicles, as well as two and three-wheeled electric vehicles are entitled to a maximum $2,500 tax credit as long as the battery pack is at least 2.5 kWh. The capacity of the traction battery is measured from 100% state-of-charge to zero SOC.
Please check with your own tax consultant, advisor or the IRS to make sure you understand the qualifications and all the guidelines they recommend as we are not tax advisors.

"We Solve Business Problems By Using Information Technology"

Digital Web Group Inc.
is pleased to announce to all of our customers that we have upgraded our entire hosting system to deploy each website across an entire cluster of servers, all working intelligently together, all poised and ready to instantly reroute web traffic should any component experience failure. That means when a server crashes or a hard drive fails, the other servers in the cluster pick up the slack without a byte of lost data!

Nothing as important as your website should be served from a single hard drive, but you'd be surprised by how many web hosts have little more redundancy than a pair of crossed fingers. We're different--and for good reason, we host high volume ecommerce sites that must stay up 99.99% of the time! The advanced architecture powering our hosting solution uses groups of high-performance, network attached storage devices to reliably serve every web page, image, and email. Inside each storage device, drives are mirrored to each other in a RAID configuration to create a first level of redundancy. Then, advanced software clusters the storage devices into logical groups, where files are instantly and automatically replicated across each device. And, as a final precautionary measure, all data on the system is automatically backed up continuously!

Advanced clustering technology routes each site request to not just one server, but through an army of load balanced IIS and Apache Web Servers. Should any server in the cluster not respond, requests are instantly and intelligently routed to the remaining servers, and the website visitor never experiences a single interruption!

Windows or Linux? Or Both? You tell me...

Highest regards,

Dave Dewbre CEO/EVC

Digital Web Group Inc.
Dave Dewbre is CEO
and President of Digital Webgroup, Inc. a privately held Tucson, Arizona Company

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