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Domain Registration

To compete in the web arena is like struggling through a vast labyrinth. This is why DWG exists today, to help you move freely through the Internet realm without the entanglement you would normally encounter. We facilitate domain registration for you to establish a compelling e-business association and domain hosting for fast recognition of your online corporate, business or personal identity. We help you make your own mark on the web with the help of our strategic implementation and personalized design. Let us help you register your domain.

When it comes to web development, being creative just isn’t enough. We believe in the fusion of creativity and logic. As we evaluate and devise new digital breakthroughs and out-of-the-box designs, we highly value logic and aesthetics in all aspects and features.

We make sure the web designs that we integrate are aligned to your company’s image, positioning and strategy. We conform the construction of your website to fit your philosophy, while at the same time giving you the strength you need to stand on your own. With our professional web design..WE BUILD. YOU STAND.

The World Wide Web is the champion of the consumer-driven environment, yet it is also complicated to manipulate and tricky to capitalize upon.

That is why here at DWG we strive to develop and enhance functional websites as well as optimize your websites for quick discovery in search engines, in order to easily pierce the web current and direct customers straight to you. With our Website Development skills. WE DEVELOP. WE SUSTAIN.
Web Development
- Domain Registration
- Web Design/Programming
- Database Development

Web Hosting
- ASP 5.6 Windows/IIS
- PHP 5 Linux/Apache
- .NET 2.0 Windows Server 2003/IIS 6.0
- CGI/Perl/Python

Search Engine Optimization (SEO )

- Shopping Carts
- Payment Gateways
- Consultations

Network Solutions
- LAN/WAN Connection
- Wireless & Frame Relay
- Servers, Software & Workstations

Registered eBay Auctions Power Seller
- DWG Ebay Store
- SiliconeWorks Ebay Store

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