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LAN/WAN Connection
With the advent of technological advancement, communication in all platforms flows at a much faster rate. With the development of Local – Area Networks (LAN) and Wide – Area Networks (WAN), transmission of data has also increased greatly in speed. The capabilities of data transmissions are determined by how your network is configured. Our accomplished network engineers and technicians will optimize your network to meet and exceed your company’s present needs. The technology of networks is very complex, and as new technologies emerge, technical understanding is hindered unless you keep up with the advances. Let us take the worry of networking off of your shoulders – discover the great column of support that is DWG.

Wireless & Frame Relay
Business in America is no longer restricted to offices and desks – more and more companies are working remote and for good reason: not only is it convenient, it enables multi-tasking, which has become a necessity for the 21st century. We offer a full range of technological and hands-on support for wireless & frame relay networks. DWG offers full conversions & upgrades of networks to the next level.

Servers, Softwares & Workstations

Our network team has an intimate knowledge of most server technologies available today, including Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced, Microsoft NT, Terminal Server, UNIX, Linux, Novell and others. We stay on the cutting edge of technology by keeping current with the best software out there.
Our network specialist has over 28 years experience in Network, Telecommunications and Computer Applications.

  • Extensive installation and implementation of hardware and software in a rapid response, real-time, transaction environment.
  • Team Leader with extended project management experience in implementation/support.
  • Technical troubleshooter and resource with on-call, high stress responsibilities.
  • Completed in-place, hardware/software conversion, upgrade and maintenance.
  • Strong troubleshooting experience, heavy phone and final problem resolution.
  • Broad Internet, Intranet, Web and E-business integration experience.
  • Experienced in project planning, analysis, technical design and final results.
  • Conducted training programs directed to technical applications and user requirements.
  • Developed communication, organizational and presentation skills.
  • Services
    Web Development
    - Domain Registration
    - Web Design/Programming
    - Database Development

    Web Hosting
    - ASP 5.6 Windows/IIS
    - PHP 5 Linux/Apache
    - .NET 2.0 Windows Server 2003/IIS 6.0
    - CGI/Perl/Python

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO )

    - Shopping Carts
    - Payment Gateways
    - Consultations

    Network Solutions
    - LAN/WAN Connection
    - Wireless & Frame Relay
    - Servers, Software & Workstations

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